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Purpose of using Personal Information

  • We will use personal information for shipping products to customers and requesting payment.
  • We will use personal information to confirm the contents of your order, the delivery method and the amount charged.
  • We will use personal information to inform customers about our campaigns, questionnaires, products and services.
  • We will use the feedback we recieve from customers to improve our services.

About Management of Personal Information

  • We will develop the necessary management system in accordance to the Personal Information Protection Law and guidelines.
  • The use of personal information is restricted to employees who require to use it for business, and to manage our data systems, which includes the storage of personal information.
  • For security when sending data related to personal information via the Internet, we use industry standard SSL for the necessary web pages.
  • After a certain period of time has elapsed since receiving personal information, it will be completely deleted in order to free space in our system.

Disclosure of Personal Information

  • Our shop will not disclose personal information to third parties unless your consent is made.However, if it falls under the following cases, that does not apply.
  • Based on laws and regulations, when requested by a court or a public institution such as police
  • In cases where it is necessary to protect our rights, property or service from laws and regulations and actions contrary to our terms of use / notes, and we can not obtain consent of ourselves
  • We will disclose it only when we can confirm that you are the principal by the prescribed confirmation method when request of disclosure of personal information from customer.